Italian courses for foreigners in Trieste


Are you looking for an Italian course in Trieste?

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Our courses are aimed at students of all language levels, from beginner to expert, i.e. from A1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) are all enhanced through various activities tailored to the student’s needs, focusing on one or the other according to real-life situations.

 Italian courses for foreigners Trieste

This is what the training includes:


  • Placement tests and analysis of language needs
  • Focus on language objectives
  • Personalized curriculum and time schedule
  • Program flexibility
  • Regular monitoring of progress and re-discussion of any needed changes


To always be in contact with the language, that is actually spoken by Italians, along with the manual or study cards, we use videos, listening to simulations that prepare you to communicate in real-life situations.

Examples of what you will learn during your course:


  • Introduce yourself and ask to introduce yourself to an Italian person
  • Speak about work or study
  • Have a conversation about family
  • Speak about your country
  • Read newspaper articles, letters, notices, manuals, …
  • Listen to and understand the news or radio news
  • Order at the bar or restaurant
  • Ask for information in a store, get a discount, complain and return the goods
  • Invite and respond to an invitation
  • Book a holiday, train tickets, hotel room, …
  • Express your dreams and wishes

… and much more!!!!


Language certifications CILS – CELI – PLIDA


We also organize preparation courses for students who want to take the exams to obtain the official certifications of Italian as a foreign language. The best known certificates are:

We help anyone who wants to register for exams to know their actual language level, the type of exam best suits their needs, the structure of the exam, the types of exercises and the respected time that it needs to be completed.


We prepare each individual student, based on their actual needs to face the exam with awareness and autonomy.

This is why the duration and content of the course varies for each student. The material used is also personalized and includes simulations of the exams.





Monday to Friday

  • Group lessons (2-3 people): duration 15 hours, total 300 Euro
  • Group lessons (from 4 to 6 people): duration 20 hours, total 340 Euro
  • Individual lessons: 35 Euro/h
  • Intensive lessons: students enrolled in group lessons can add individual lessons at a 20% discount compared to the list price.




Evening / Weekend

This course is designed for students with special time management needs: for example, those who work, study, are spending only a few days in the city or can only attend courses for a few evenings a week or during weekends.

We organize individual courses or courses with small groups of students with the similar language skills and needs.

Lessons can be held on site or offsite, depending on the needs and requests of the student(s). This is also a factor as to why the number of hours and days of the lessons may vary.


  • Group lessons (2-3 people): 20 Euro/h for 3 hours of lessons per day.
  • Group lessons (from 4 to 6 people): 17 Euro/h for 4 hours of lessons per day
  • Individual lessons: 35 Euro/h
  • Intensive lessons: students enrolled in group lessons can add individual lessons at a 20% discount compared to the list price.


Do you need to know more? We’ll find a tailor-made solution just for you.